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Подборка фотографий по эпохам, показывающая "набор солдата" тех лет

Inventories of war: soldiers' kit from 1066 to 2014

From the crude weaponry and armour of the Battle of Hastings, to the high-tech kit of modern conflict, a new photographic survey explores the personal equipment carried by the common British soldier through the past 1,000 years // www.telegraph.co.uk

1588 trainband caliverman, Tilbury

The similarities between the kits are as startling as the differences. Notepads become iPads, 18th-century bowls mirror modern mess tins; games such as chess or cards appear regularly.

1645 New Model Army musketeer, Battle of Naseby

Each kit represents the personal equipment carried by a notional common British soldier at a landmark battle over the past millennium. It is a sequence punctuated by Bosworth, Naseby, Waterloo, the Somme, Arnhem and the Falklands – bookended by the Battle of Hastings and Helmand Province.

и т.д.
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Bredonosec> Подборка фотографий по эпохам, показывающая "набор солдата" тех лет
Кристобаль Хозевич опять успел %) . Только собрался бросить этот линк с ДПРевью. Ну на всякий случай, если кому-то интересно интервью с автором серии:

Things they carried: Thom Atkinson's 'Soldiers' Inventories'

'What's in your bag?' is a question we ask a lot of photographers, because, well, we're nosy that way. Asking the very same question, photographer Thom Atkinson posed it (figuratively) to centuries of British soldiers. He's assembled what would have been the belongings and clothing of a dozen combatants, ranging from medieval to modern-day soldiers. Take a look and learn how it all came together in our Q&A. See gallery // www.dpreview.com
С уважением, Стас.  36.0.1985.14336.0.1985.143

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