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Ultrawideband awaits approval

Another technology waiting to take off is ultrawideband. Touted as the solution for everything from radar to car safety to wireless networking, the technology is awaiting approval from the Federal Communications Commission, though some applications have been given the go-ahead. The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology will submit its guidelines for the remaining applications, including communications, by year's end.

Ultrawideband spreads its signal — albeit at low power — across a swath of frequencies ranging from dc to 3 GHz, cutting right across the global positioning system and personal communications system (PCS) bands. While promoters claim the technology's low power means it won't interfere with those bands — and two papers at Rawcon delve into that theory — Farpoint's Mathias says they're missing the point.

"If you've bought spectrum licenses, say 30 MHz in the PCS band, you're going to exclusively license that territory," he said. "The UWB [ultrawideband] guys are going to be competing with them directly, so having spent millions of dollars for that spectrum, [the license holders] are going to fight the UWB guys and take them straight to court — along with the FCC."

Bluetooth a no-show as 802.11b clicks at Rawcon

MANHASSET, N.Y. — — Support for Bluetooth may be waning, as 802.11b wireless networks rise and fixed wireless and ultrawideband stub their toes on technical hurdles. That's the implication from the program lineup at this week's Rawcon confe

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