M$ раздает исходные тектсы - бесплатно, но не совсем.



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by michael on Thursday April 10, @10:00AM
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chill writes "Microsoft is now willing to share all the source code to WinCE that they don't license from others. This includes the rights to alter the code and sell the altered code! Of course, they want copies of the changes, but the program is FREE." There's another story at Windowsfordevices.com.

Microsoft shares Windows CE source code

Microsoft Corp. is expanding its effort to counter the Linux open-source movement, giving electronic-device makers and others access to nearly all the source code for its Windows CE operating system. Other companies expected to benefit from the new program include makers of electronic components, such as Intel Corp. and Toshiba, and software developers such as Bellevue's BSquare Corp. The release of CE source code is part of Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative, a movement to make source code more broadly available while still preserving the company's intellectual property rights.

// seattlepi.nwsource.com

SPECIAL REPORT: Microsoft grants "full access" to Windows CE source - News - Windows for Devices


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