Total Commander 6.0



Вышел 6.0. Один из самых популярных файловых менеджеров.

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November 21, 2003: Total Commander 6.0 is now available for download. This upgrade contains many new features, like a multi-page interface (folder tabs), searching with regular expressions, and buttons for directory history and hotlist (favorites), and an improved configuration dialog.
You live and learn. Or you don't live long.  


Вот статья, в которой описаны нововведения в TC6:
You live and learn. Or you don't live long.  


А вот версия, для любителей "все-в-одном" (то бишь, сам TC+руссификация+вакцинация):


Обменивайтесь файлами удобно и быстро. дает вам бесплатное место для размещения ваших документов, фотографий, музыки и фильмов и других файлов.


(это не прямая ссылка. Появится окно с баннерами, а через некоторое время в нем появится кнопка скачать).
You live and learn. Or you don't live long.  


Ну и вот, полный changelog 6-й версии (он большой... извините):
17.11.03 Release Total Commander 6.0
17.11.03  Fixed: Don't try to load a file via plugin when the file isn't found, e.g. because it was deleted by another program
16.11.03  Fixed: Memory leak in search function when searching for regular expressions in the file contents
16.11.03  Fixed: "cd c$" in command line not working on XP if target computer has a comment
16.11.03  Fixed: "Show admin shares" not working on XP if target computer has a comment

14.11.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 RC1
14.11.03  Fixed: File System plugins: sizes>4 GB not read for folders (worked for files)
13.11.03  Fixed: Bandwidth limit didn't work for FTP uploads via a HTTP proxy
13.11.03  Fixed: The option "activate new tab" now also works when copying folder tab to other window via right click menu
11.11.03  Fixed: Compare by content: If only "unicode" is checked when comparing 2 binary files, a read error can occur (error in CharLower)
11.11.03  Fixed: Alt+F5 of single dir sometimes suggested a wrong file name

10.11.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 8
10.11.03  Fixed: "Synchronize dirs" could save extension in middle combobox multiple times to wincmd.ini
10.11.03  Fixed: Show folder tabs tip for current tab if current dir line hidden
10.11.03  Fixed: Changed button text "Ok" to "OK" in various places
10.11.03  Fixed: Dotted line around "search in archive" checkbox in search dialog wasn't shown completely
08.11.03  Fixed: XP: Show the various "My Documents" folders in "My Computer" with their display names (not all the same name)
08.11.03  Fixed: F5/F6 then F2 (Queue) didn't work correctly when not giving a full path, e.g. to just rename a file or folder
08.11.03  Fixed: Icon in tray not replaced when iconlib contained environment variables
08.11.03  Fixed: Hide folder tab  tip window when opening right click menu
08.11.03  Fixed: Closing search dialog in "compare by contents" with ESC doesn't correctly redraw the window
08.11.03  Fixed: Renaming of active tab wasn't remembered when it was a virtual folder
08.11.03  Fixed: Error when Nethood or Desktop was locked and TC was restarted -> Tab duplicated
07.11.03  Fixed: Repaint problem of history+hotlist buttons when tab headers were shown
07.11.03  Fixed: When switching to the "zip packer" page, the cursor was put in the "other dir" field by mistake if there was a path in it
07.11.03  Fixed: When "Download in background" was checked (FTP, F5) and user pressed ESC, this option was lost

06.11.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 7
06.11.03  Fixed: Access Violation when clicking on drive with shift pressed while directory tabs disabled
05.11.03  Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration], noreread=/ prevents plugins from being remembered as the current dir
05.11.03  Added: Remember plugins when closing
05.11.03  Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration], noreread=: prevents virtual folders from being remembered as the current dir
05.11.03  Added: Remember the Desktop, Network Neighborhood and other virtual folders when closing, both the current dir and other tabs!
05.11.03  Added: Show tip windows for folder tabs, except for the current tab (where the dir name is already shown)
05.11.03  Added: Quick search now also works with a * at the beginning: Use Ctrl+Alt+"" with "" on the numeric keypad to invoke
05.11.03  Fixed: After enqueuing files (F5, F2), unselect them. They can be re-selected with Num "/"
05.11.03  Fixed: Long lines in Tip window were not word-wrapped on Windows 9x/ME
05.11.03  Fixed: Brief view: don't overlay name+extension if extension is very long
05.11.03  Fixed: The options "open tab near current" and "activate new tab" now also work when opening folder tab in other window (Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow)
05.11.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Cursor up not only opened new tab, but also moved cursor 1 line up
02.11.03  Fixed: 16-bit version: Translation of menu items in config dialog failed
02.11.03  Fixed: 16-bit version: Grouping of menu items in config dialog was wrong
02.11.03  Fixed: Don't try to copy date/time with folders over network on win9x, it doesn't work and can set random attributes
02.11.03  Fixed: When print dialog was minimized+restored, the main Totalcmd window was no longer disabled
02.11.03  Fixed: Rename/Lock tab: Strings "Rename" and "New name:" were shown in wrong location
02.11.03  Fixed: New menu items in Mark menu missing in English version
02.11.03  Fixed: Win9x: Don't show option 'Rename each file separately' in Shift+F5 if only one file is selected
02.11.03  Fixed: Show drive letters for compatibility mode in uppercase too
02.11.03  Fixed: Show deflate64(tm) for zip packer type 9 in zip properties)
02.11.03  Added: Remember location where folder tabs were stored/loaded (TabDir= in wincmd.ini)
02.11.03  Fixed: Searching in Unicode compare function wasn't always underlining found text
29.10.03  Fixed: "Unicode" was checked in "Compare by content" if one of the two files wasn't found
29.10.03  Fixed: Internal commands cm_config2 and cm_LanguageConfig no longer working
29.10.03  Fixed: No vertical line was shown between directory hotlist+history buttons when tabs were shown (non-XP GUI only)
29.10.03  Fixed: Ctrl+W: Don't close tab when cursor is in command line!
29.10.03  Added: Before extracting icons from file system plugins, set the current dir to the program directory (for relative paths)
29.10.03  Fixed: When searching for Regex in texts and "whole words" is both checked, enclose the regular expression with \b (word boundaries)

22.10.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 6
22.10.03  Fixed: Also minimize Total Commander when the print file list dialog is minimized
22.10.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Cursor down was no longer scrolling through history list, just showing the first item
22.10.03  Fixed: Access violation when calling OPENTABS via a button while dir tabs are disabled
22.10.03  Fixed: When saving tabs, correct current tab index when tabs to the left of the current tab are skipped (virtual folders, search results)
22.10.03  Fixed: Loading of tabs in both panels activated the inactive panel
22.10.03  Added: Tab context menu: Option to save tabs from both windows
22.10.03  Fixed: Windows XP: Moved history and hotlist buttons one pixel up
22.10.03  Added: Two new internal commands: cm_ZipPackerConfig and cm_DisplayConfig to open these pages in the config dialog
22.10.03  Fixed: When quick search is disabled, redirect hotkeys to the command line
22.10.03  Fixed: Compare files (binary) was broken in beta 5
20.10.03  Fixed: Error in quick search caused by Microsoft security update KB824141

15.10.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 5
15.10.03  Added: When using the function to load dir tabs from file, load other side tabs from section [inactivetabs]. This section must be created by hand by copying+renaming section [activetabs]
15.10.03  Added: When a tab is locked, TC now shows error "This tab is locked! Close anyway?", so the user can still close it without the need to unlock it by hand.
15.10.03  Fixed: "Tabs on multiple lines" and "All tabs have same width" can no longer be checked both simultaneously
15.10.03  Added: Document folder tabs, history and hotlist buttons in help - user interface
15.10.03  Added: Internal command cm_visDirTabs to turn folder tabs on and off
15.10.03  Added: FTP: Parameter %p in Buttonbar now pastes full FTP URL uncluding user name. %P still pastes just the path on the server without the server name
15.10.03  Added: New internal commands cm_CopyConfig, cm_DirTabsConfig and cm_FtpConfig open the corresponding pages of the config dialog
15.10.03  Fixed: Win9x: When clicking on "Use default method only", the compatibility mode checkbox was enabled although this mode only works on WinNT/2k/XP
15.10.03  Fixed: No icon shown in button config dialog (only upper icon box) under these conditions: Win9x, path contained environment variable and name longer than 8.3 characters
14.10.03  Added: drop tab on target path adds this tab in the target window even if no tab header is shown yet
14.10.03  Added: Option to disable quick search in current dir, useful with new command cm_ShowQuickSearch placed on a custom hotkey
14.10.03  Added: When a directory cannot be deleted during a move operation, the user can now either continue the operation or cancel it
14.10.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+U when left+right window have different number of Tab lines -> tabs overlap file list
14.10.03  Fixed: Renamed tabs did not stay renamed on Ctrl+U
14.10.03  Added: If "Show tab headers also when there is only one" was checked in the dialog, the headers didn't show up
14.10.03  Added: Some more HTML special characters like &bul; for a bullet (shows as a *)
10.10.03  Fixed: Could no longer select current dir bar with mouse (only affects right panel)

10.10.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 4
10.10.03  Fixed: When clicking on an FTP tab and the connection couldn't be re-established, TC correctly showed a local path, but didn't update the tab header
10.10.03  Fixed: Packer plugins not working correctly if extension longer than 3 characters
10.10.03  Fixed: Support environment variables in paths to external packers (arj, rar etc.)
08.10.03  Fixed: Multi-rename tool: ignore empty regular expressions string in search+replace
08.10.03  Added: When the options "Close tab on double click" and "Activate target panel when clicking on one of its tabs" are disabled, a double click activates the panel
08.10.03  Added: Documented new tab header hotkeys in keyboard.txt and the help file
08.10.03  Added: Option "Show directory tabs" to the "Layout" page: It allows to turn off folder tabs completely. Ctrl+T will again invoke the multi-rename tool
08.10.03  Fixed: Moved the option "Always show directory tabs" from the "Layout" to the "Folder Tabs" page
08.10.03  Fixed: Removed the option "Save directory tabs when closing". The tabs are now saved when the option "Operation"-"Save on exit"-"Directories" is set
08.10.03  Fixed: File panels were not updated after moving files on the SAME disk in the background transfer manager
08.10.03  Fixed: No refresh after Alt+F9 unpacking of non-zip archives
08.10.03  Added: Included new unrar.dll from the RAR author, which fixes some bugs
08.10.03  Fixed: Show error message when user tries to drag files to a tab with an FTP connection
08.10.03  Fixed: Drag&drop files on button bar button while right mouse button held down didn't copy the files there, it moved them
08.10.03  Fixed: Color filters were not updated when there were more than 1 color filter with a delay (e.g. max 1 hour old and max 1 minute old)
08.10.03  Fixed: Archive in archive cannot be opened in branch view if inner archive in a subdir
08.10.03  Fixed: Panel switching while quick view panel open not working by clicking on window title
08.10.03  Fixed: Text "&Delete" shown when deleting files from packer plugins
08.10.03  Added: "Show parent dir also in root of drive" documented in the help
06.10.03  Fixed: Directory history not working correctly with file system plugins
06.10.03  Fixed: Could no longer synchronize with drive z: if 'z' plugin installed
06.10.03  Fixed: When renaming a tab, the list window size wasn't adjusted if the number of tab rows changed
06.10.03  Fixed: Dirs with ampersands (&) in name not shown correctly on tabs
06.10.03  Fixed: Alt+F5 pack to RAR played finished sound twice, once when clicking background and again when done
03.10.03  Fixed: Ctrl+D then Shift+Enter activated the target panel if both source and target path were set
03.10.03  Fixed: Shift+Scroll wheel jumped to next/previous dir also when lister was active
03.10.03  Fixed: Nagscreen was still showing the year 2002
03.10.03  Fixed: Tab was not hidden if it was unlocked via internal command cm_ToggleLockCurrentTab
03.10.03  Fixed: Shift-F6 using wildcards not working. now it even works with Unicode names!
03.10.03  Fixed: sort order was not remembered for Lister plugins when sorting with up/down arrows
03.10.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Tab sometimes stopped working after drag&drop

01.10.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 3
01.10.03  Fixed: Don't allow to copy a dir to its own subdir also when copying with F2, this would result in an infinite loop
01.10.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Q sometimes showed the end of the file
01.10.03  Fixed: Clicking on current tab on other side now also activates this panel
01.10.03  Added: Don't hide single tab if it is locked!
01.10.03  Added: Ctrl+Shift+U Swaps not only the active panels, but all tabs
01.10.03  Fixed: Changed the way how multimedia plugins are detected: To override the internal handling (or Irfanview), it's now sufficient that MULTIMEDIA appears as ANY node in the detect string
01.10.03  Added: New menu item Show - New Folder Tab.
01.10.03  Added: Option "Activate target panel when clicking on one of its tabs" is now the default on new installations
01.10.03  Fixed: Access violation using OPENTABS when no tab was visible
01.10.03  Fixed: When starting user menu item via Ctrl+Alt shortcut, it was opened in a new tab
01.10.03  Fixed: Multi-rename tool, [N#-#] button: New string was always overwriting existing
01.10.03  Added: Shift+Mouse wheel activates history (go back/forward)
01.10.03  Fixed: Drag&Drop from WinRAR to TC was no longer working
30.09.03  Fixed: Incorrect background color in ftp - change attributes
28.09.03  Fixed: Block drag&drop of search result panel to other side
28.09.03  Fixed: Block commands Ctrl+T, Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+W during drag&drop
28.09.03  Fixed: Access violation in multi-rename tool when clicking on [N#-#] and no files are there to rename
28.09.03  Fixed: Apply Button was not enabled on Tabstops-Configuration Dialog
26.09.03  Fixed: Access violation in lister plugin if ListPrint not implemented but ListPrint was.
26.09.03  Fixed: commander_path set too late in startup of the program
25.09.03  Fixed: Configuration: "FTP Open new connections" was forgotten when changing other options without going to the ftp page
25.09.03  Fixed: Files - Print - File list with subdirs: OK and Cancel button overlapped
25.09.03  Fixed: 'Unicode' checkbox in compare by contents unreachable in 800x600 big fonts mode
25.09.03  Fixed: When copying a file to itself, when one dir shows the long name and one the short dos name, the file is damaged in some cases
25.09.03  Fixed: Click on history or hotlist button opens the lists below the button, not at the mouse pointer
25.09.03  Fixed: History and Hotlist buttons too small when very small font used -> use minimum height of 16 for current path when history+hotlist buttons shown
25.09.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Up arrow on normal file just duplicates the current dir now (same as Ctrl+T)
25.09.03  Fixed: Unchecking "RegEx" checkbox in search does not disable regular expression search
25.09.03  Fixed: Opening archive in archive only working in the right panel

24.09.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 2
24.09.03  Added: New internal command cm_ShowQuickSearch shows window for searching a file name in the current dir
24.09.03  Added: Configuration - Save settings  now also saves tabs
24.09.03  Added: Auto-close background transfer manager if it was opened via F2 in copy/move dialog
24.09.03  Added: Rearranged items in config dialog to some sort of tree
24.09.03  Added: Moved one item in the main config dialog to "Display" page: Use long names
24.09.03  Added: Moved some items in the main config dialog to "Operation" page: Only 1 instance, move to tray
24.09.03  Fixed: Distance between two file panels was bigger than in TC 5.51 - now it's only bigger if tabs visible
24.09.03  Added: It's now possible to add files to a subdir of a RAR archive
24.09.03  Fixed: Repacking of an archive inside a subdir of a ZIP/TAR did not work
22.09.03  Fixed: 32k could not be stored in big copy mode buffer
22.09.03  Fixed: In the mode "Always load complete directory tree", the tree was not shown when going c:\ -> "My Computer" -> "Control Panel" -> "My Computer" -> "C:\"
22.09.03  Fixed: Drag&Drop to Tabs not working when lower function key buttonbar turned off
21.09.03  Added: Synchronize dirs: Also show compare by contents progress within a file (e.g. when comparing few very big files)
21.09.03  Fixed: Play "pack complete" sound only when packing has really finished after clicking background
21.09.03  Added: Functions like copying via Explorer, right click menu etc. now also work in search result (feed to listbox)
21.09.03  Fixed: Make all config dialog pages top aligned
21.09.03  Fixed: Removed the (32 bit) text from the installer - it's sufficient to have (16 bit) in the 16-bit version
21.09.03  Fixed: External packer wait dialog: Moved "Background" button to better looking location.
21.09.03  Added: Lister: Show %done when searching!
21.09.03  Added: Multi-rename tool: When clicking on [N#-#], user can select letters interactively in currently selected file name
21.09.03  Fixed: Moved option "F8/Del deletes to recycle bin (Shift=directly)" to copy/delete page
19.09.03  Fixed: The wrong tab was focused with Ctrl+T when option "open near current" was selected
19.09.03  Fixed: Don't allow to combine the options 'tabs on multiple lines' and 'tabs have same width'
19.09.03  Fixed: Access violations in RegEx search when searching binary files without any line breaks
19.09.03  Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration] ShowInstanceNr=0 turns off numbered commander title bar
19.09.03  Added: Tabs: Option to activate target panel when clicking on one of its tabs
19.09.03  Fixed: Selection with space: Same fix as with Alt+Shift+Enter
19.09.03  Fixed: Alt+Shift+Enter: Reload colors by file type (in case the user has defined a color by size)
19.09.03  Added: FTP log file: if no path given (only a name), default to %TEMP%
19.09.03  Added: FTP log file configuration: Default to %TEMP%\tcftp.log
19.09.03  Added: Ctrl+D menu now supports changing paths on ftp servers: the path must contain a forward slash as a distinction. Only in source dir possible.
19.09.03  Added: F5 copy dialog: Moved the "F2 Background" button to the right of the OK button
19.09.03  Added: Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter in History opens this dir in a new tab
19.09.03  Fixed: Use better CRC algorithm to determine whether zip file has changed or not
19.09.03  Fixed: Ctrl+D then Shift+Enter (new tab) not working when path surrounded by ""
19.09.03  Fixed: ACE packer not working
19.09.03  Fixed: History not working in plugins when they contained a forward slash
18.09.03  Fixed: Numerical sorting of dirs or files without extension wasn't working
18.09.03  Fixed: Redefining hotkeys only changed them after restarting Total Commander
18.09.03  Fixed: By default, don't show [..] in root (can still be enabled via config)
18.09.03  Fixed: In main menu, changed hotkey display for multi-rename tool to Ctrl+M
18.09.03  Fixed: Duplicating virtual folder tabs wasn't working correctly
18.09.03  Fixed: Calling cm_DirTabsShowMenu when no tab header shown caused crash
18.09.03  Fixed: When unhiding current dir+buttons for history+hotlist, the buttons only showed up after restarting TC
18.09.03  Fixed: When hiding current dir, buttons for history+hotlist were not completely hidden
18.09.03  Fixed: Locking of FTP tabs now also works correctly
18.09.03  Fixed: Don't save title "search results" when saving tabs
18.09.03  Fixed: Blocked functions to duplicate search results tab
18.09.03  Fixed: When clicking tab with search results while cursor in other panel, the search results were shown in that panel
18.09.03  Fixed: File extensions not preserved in search result when switching tabs
17.09.03  Added: cm_ToggleLockCurrentTab: Turn on/off tab locking (e.g. for button bar, hotkey)
17.09.03  Added: "Tab is locked" item directly in tab right click menu
17.09.03  Fixed: Crash when double clicking on tab when only two are open (hide tabs enabled)
17.09.03  Fixed: No icons in TOTALCMD.EXE due to EXE packer
17.09.03  Fixed: In place rename didn't work on Win9x (Unicode problem)

16.09.03 Release Total Commander 6.0 beta 1
16.09.03  Fixed: .TAR.GZ file had wrong time stamp when re-packing file
16.09.03  Fixed: Pass long name to notepad.exe in F4 even if full path to notepad isn't specified
16.09.03  Fixed: Find files dialog: Wrong tab order of checkboxes in "Duplicate file finder"
16.09.03  Fixed: Access violation in Ctrl+Q when cursor on [..] in empty directory
15.09.03  Fixed: Invalid zip file could cause a crash
14.09.03  Fixed: Trying to copy to network share without write rights gave wrong error
11.09.03  Fixed: Ctrl+D - add current path - add target path adds wrong subdir if target is ftp
10.09.03  Added: Got 16-bit version to work. Not added: Tabbed browsing, RegEx, Unicode
10.09.03  Added: Option "Show old 8.3 names lowercase" no longer the default on NT/2000/XP systems
10.09.03  Fixed: Incorrect column width in brief view with Unicode file names
10.09.03  Added: Support for regular expressions and stored searches in copy and move operations
10.09.03  Added: If the user hasn't chosen a default font, use "Microsoft Sans Serif" instead of "MS Sans Serif" on Win2k/XP, because it supports Unicode
09.09.03  Added: When an FTP server or file system plugin reports illegal chars in a name, TC converts them to underscores on download
09.09.03  Added: Up/Down scollbar buttons to lister plugin dialog to sort plugins (same as shift+up/down keys)
09.09.03  Added: Synchronize dirs now uses inofficial MDTM command to set remote file date. This command isn't supported by all servers.
09.09.03  Added: TC 6.0 now also accepts containing wincmd.key instead of wincmd.key. The key must be stored (no compression) in the file.
09.09.03  Fixed: Win9x: After entering a dir and exiting it with Alt+Left, branch view (Ctrl+B) did not work
09.09.03  Fixed: In tree, trying to open dir longer than 259 characters could cause an access violation
08.09.03  Added: In F5 copy dialog, "Options" button: New option to rename copied file or target file when target exists. Names are filename(2).ext, filename(3).ext etc.
04.09.03  Added: Punycode accented domain encoding for http and ftp
04.09.03  Added: Speed limit when copying files (only in background transfer manager)
03.09.03  Fixed: Don't recognize files which start with 512 zero bytes as empty TAR archives, except if the file size is exactly 512 bytes
03.09.03  Added: Support for some more HTTP proxy types (FTP via HTTP)
03.09.03  Added: 3 new internal commands: cm_copySamepanel, cm_copyOtherpanel, cm_createShortcuts: Same as cm_copy, but not reacting to Shift and Alt keys!
03.09.03  Added: Command line: 'cd' command more fault-tolerant: Ignore spaces between 'cd' and full path, e.g. "cd  c:\test", but NOT in "cd  test" (=cd " test")
03.09.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Q mode: When a plugin is active after switching to other app and back to TC, the plugin no longer has the focus -> focus it
03.09.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Q not working with file system plugins if the name changed during the download
03.09.03  Added: Turn off dir branch view when ejecting a disk (so TC has to switch to drive C)
03.09.03  Added: Option to pack with ACE now also works with WinACE packer
23.08.03  Added: Unicode in "Compare by contents": also compare char by char inside a line, except for right to left scripts and for big endian format
23.08.03  Added: Support for Unicode UTF16 in "Compare by contents". If Unicode marker present, this also supports big endian format
17.08.03  Fixed: Don't try to load all URLs in very big HTML files (can cause out of memory error)
15.08.03  Added: Support for Unicode composed characters on MAC CDs (Win2k/XP only)
13.08.03  Added: cm_SaveSelection saves current selection internally (automatically done before each file operation)
05.08.03  Fixed: Crash when plugin extension longer than 15 characters given for packer plugin
05.08.03  Fixed: TC always showed minus sign in drag&drop icon when left/right mouse buttons swapped
05.08.03  Added: Internal command cm_LoadSelectionFromClip to load selection from clipboard (counterpart to cm_CopyNamesToClip)
05.08.03  Added: Internal commands cm_SaveSelectionToFile, cm_LoadSelectionFromFile to save/load current selection (names of all selected files)
29.07.03  Fixed: Test zip in left window while file system plugin open in right -> progress window stayed open!
29.07.03  Added: Show in title when there is more than one instance of TC, e.g. [2] Total Commander
29.07.03  Added: cm_ShowHint shows tooltip for current file in active file list (and places mouse cursor on it)
21.07.03  Added: Speedup of opening zip files with many subdirs
20.07.03  Fixed: Preserve ZIP archive main comment when adding or removing files
20.07.03  Fixed: Could not rename entry in FTP list if only the upper/lowercase of some letters was changed
20.07.03  Added: Show warning message the first time the user enters a dir with file names from a different codepage (can be disabled)
16.07.03  Fixed: Remapping of virtual keys like '/' on the numeric keypad did not work
16.07.03  Fixed: F3 on file with multimedia extension (e.g. avi, wav etc) with text contents loads media player control, but doesn't hide it when switching to text mode
16.07.03  Fixed: Lister showed no scroll bar and jumped to end of file when switching from mp3 view to text view
16.07.03  Fixed: Incorrect progress bar when copying/moving files >4GB in subdirs
16.07.03  Fixed: Some MD5 checksum checkers seem to expect TWO spaces between the checksum and the file name
16.07.03  Fixed: In lister plugin configuration, separate plugin name+load parameters with a tabstop
09.07.03  Added: Copying and moving of files with Unicode names on Windows NT/2000/XP, also with subdirs!
09.07.03  Added: Configure colors of compare by contents and lister via the main config dialog
09.07.03  Added: "Pause" support for CopyFileEx compatibility mode
09.07.03  Added: Show link cursor during drag&drop above tabs when a new tab would be added for the dropped dirs/archives
08.07.03  Added: Regular expression searches in lister, forward and backward
08.07.03  Added: Regular expression searches in file contents, grep-style (match one line at a time only, max 4k/line)
06.07.03  Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Compare by contents not working when in subdir of a zip
06.07.03  Fixed: Hide any file tip window when double clicking on a dir
06.07.03  Added: CMF_EXTENDEDVERBS added to context menu call when shift is pressed -> adds "open with" menu item!
06.07.03  Fixed: When switching to subdir, adjust tabs (for multi-line tabs, because number of lines may change)
06.07.03  Fixed: Comment list (Ctrl+Shift+F2) not updated after editing comment with Ctrl+Z when hidden/system files not shown
02.07.03  Added: More detailed statistics in SFV/MD5 check function
02.07.03  Added: Changed label "packer extension DLLs" to "packer extension WCXs" in the configuration dialog
02.07.03  Added: appendtabs  in button bar appends tabs from to current tabs
02.07.03  Added: opentabs  in button bar replaces current tabs with tabs from
02.07.03  Added: Save tabs to file, load tabs from file (append or replace)
02.07.03  Added: Option 'Show locked tabs with an asterisk '
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Save tabs when closing'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Tabs on multiple lines'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'All tabs have same width'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Limit tab title length to [  ]'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Confirm close all tabs'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Close tab on double click'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Ctrl+Up opens new tab in foreground'
01.07.03  Added: Option 'Open new tabs near current tab'
23.06.03  Fixed: Drag&Drop with tabs not always working correctly
22.06.03  Added: Tabs: Save tabs when closing, except for search results and virtual folders
22.06.03  Added: Ctrl+Shift+T opens new tab without activating it
22.06.03  Added: Ctrl+Shift+W closes all open tabs
22.06.03  Added: Ctrl+Shift+Cursor up opens dir under cursor in new tab in OTHER window
22.06.03  Added: Drop dirs/archives on empty space in tab header adds new tabs with them
22.06.03  Added: Drop dirs/files on tab header copies files to the directory represented by this tab
20.06.03  Added: Tab right click menu
20.06.03  Added: Configuration option to always show tabs (if disabled, show them on demand)
20.06.03  Added: Ctrl+Click on tab closes this tab
19.06.03  Added: Remember selected files on tabs
19.06.03  Fixed: Don't append backslash to path after "mark newer, hide same files"
19.06.03  Fixed: Show file sizes >4GB in synchronize dirs (correct sizes were used for calculation, but not displayed)
18.06.03  Added: Tabs: Open virtual folders (e.g. in Nethood) with Ctrl+Cursor up
18.06.03  Added: Tabs: Open plugins in Nethood with Ctrl+Cursor up
18.06.03  Added: Tabs: Open archive files and links with Ctrl+Cursor up
18.06.03  Added: Tabs: remember cursor position between tabs
18.06.03  Added: Ctrl+Cursor up opens dir under cursor in new tab
18.06.03  Added: New hotkeys: Ctrl+T opens new tab, Ctrl+M starts multi-rename tool, Ctrl+Shift+M changes FTP transfer mode
17.06.03  Added: cm_OpenDirInNewTab=573 internal message to open dir under cursor in new tab
17.06.03  Added: Experimental file panel Tab support
17.06.03  Added: Possibility to change drive icons
17.06.03  Fixed: Lister: update vertical scollbar on F2 if file length has changed
16.06.03  Added: When changing the language to English, close and reload the config dialog to update the language
13.06.03  Added: Make configurable to show/hide updir [..] in the root of a drive
11.06.03  Added: Unpacking of files >4GB from ZIP archives up to 4GB in size using the pkware 64bit extra field
11.06.03  Added: Unpacking of ZIP files created with the Deflate64(tm) method (Deflate64 is a trademark of pkware Inc.)
11.06.03  Added: Separate configuration tab for FTP settings
11.06.03  Added: Changed page selection in configuration dialog from tabbed notebook to list+notebook (Mozilla style)
08.06.03  Added: Multi-Rename tool: [G] placeholder inserts grandparent directory name
08.06.03  Added: FTP resume all for uploads and downloads
08.06.03  Added: Ctrl+Shift+F5 link creation: Allow to rename link if target already exists!
08.06.03  Added: Refresh also comments when F2 is pressed
08.06.03  Added: Background copy now supports the Options button in the F5 copy dialog
08.06.03  Added: F2 Background button in F5 Copy dialog, will add the selected files to the last opened background transfer manager
07.06.03  Fixed: Memory leak in comment copy function
06.06.03  Added: Show NTFS junctions with a link icon
06.06.03  Fixed: Better handling of description file copying/deleting
06.06.03  Fixed: When deleting subdirs with comment copy enabled, don't ask when deleting comment files -> ensures that comment file doesn't remain when orphan comments in it
06.06.03  Fixed: When using multi-archive internal packing and minimizing to tray, TC could not be restored beginning with the second packed file until packing had finished
06.06.03  Added: Option to wait for external packers in the background (no wait window will be shown)
05.06.03  Fixed: TC hangs when trying to rename a file while a background copy operation shows an overwrite confirmation dialog
05.06.03  Fixed: Drive bar tips were shown on wrong screen in dual screen mode when TC was on secondary screen
04.06.03  Added: Experimental support for regular expressions in select/unselect files: string must be preceded by a '
04.06.03  Added: Support for regular expressions in search function (Alt+F7)
04.06.03  Fixed: Changed behaviour of multiple dots in Shift+F6 (rename) back to what it was in 5.51: the first dot matches the last dot of the source file. Reason: cmd.exe works like this too!
04.06.03  Fixed: Program slowdown if background zip or unzip paused
01.06.03  Added: Regular expressions to multi-rename tool, using RegExpr.pas, Copyright © 1999-00 by Andrey V. Sorokin
01.06.03  Added: Drop files on F8-Delete button while right mouse button pressed has same effect as Shift+Drop (bypass recycle bin if it is activated)
30.05.03  Added: Buttons for directory hotlist and directory history
30.05.03  Added: Show free and total disk space in "My Computer" for fixed disks (may not work on all operating systems)
30.05.03  Added: Updir item in root of drives leads to "My Computer"
27.05.03  Added: FTP: Auto-reconnect if control connection lost in the middle of a download
27.05.03  Added: Alt+Enter on file system plugins now opens the plugin's properties (if the plugin supports it)
25.05.03  Added: Rename Unicode file names in place
25.05.03  Added: Show tip windows with Unicode names
25.05.03  Added: Show Unicode file names in file lists
20.05.03  Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Only show one progress dialog when getting dirs from ftp server
20.05.03  Fixed: Support .GZ archives which have the name field flag set, but contain an empty name -> use name of archive
20.05.03  Added: Center most dialogs relative to main window instead of relative to the screen (especially for 2 screen setups). No possible for standard MessageBox (e.g. delete confirmation)
20.05.03  Added: Synchronize dirs: Now also works with archives other than ZIP! Everything except for compare by contents is supported
20.05.03  Added: Synchronize dirs: Compare by content now also works with two ZIP files!
20.05.03  Added: Search in archives recognized by content: Needs to set SearchInFiles= in Wincmd.ini to extensions of this packer
20.05.03  Fixed: The following functions did not work with archives recognized by content: Unpack specific files, test, execute, properties, compare by content
20.05.03  Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration] SortUpper=2  uses mixed lexical and numerical sorting, e.g. file10.txt comes AFTER file1.txt
20.05.03  Added: Button bar: Support for 48x48 and 64x64 icons for very high resolution displays, better scaling of sizes between 16 and 32
20.05.03  Fixed: Compare by contents: File mapped into memory not closed when not enough memory
05.05.03  Fixed: Reduced part size when splitting to 100MB ZIP by 1 MB because some zip disks seem to be formatted smaller
25.04.03  Fixed: The font "Lucida Sans Typewriter" couldn't be chosen in bold form in lister, because it reported a weight of only 600 (not the usual 700)
25.04.03  Fixed: When starting TC with /O switch while two or more TCs are running, the passed file names may be sent to a different instance than the one which is activated
25.04.03  Added: Some functions were not described in the help - updated
24.04.03  Fixed: Catch invalid floating point operation error with a certain HTTP proxy (when reading FTP listings)
24.04.03  Fixed: Couldn't open Network Neighborhood with plugins on Win95 first edition if no net was installed
24.04.03  Added: In Right click menu - new document, look in CSIDL_COMMON_TEMPLATES folder if not found in CSIDL_TEMPLATES folder
24.04.03  Added: Don't offer the option to search in selected files when starting the search inside an archive
24.04.03  Added: Show warning if user chooses to create self-extracting ZIP, and the file sfxhead.sfx isn't found
24.04.03  Fixed: When synchronizing with root of ftp server and connection was lost before the copying of the files, the files will be uploaded to the wrong dir
23.04.03  Added: Created better-looking list header (for tabstops)
23.04.03  Fixed: On XP with non-standard styles, ask XP button theme for button text color (may be different from default button color)
31.03.03  Added: Show thousands separator in "Synchronize dirs" status line when comparing by contents
31.03.03  Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration] CompareIgnoreRepSpace=0 turns off ignoring of repeated spaces in compare tool
31.03.03  Added: Experimental: F2 in Copy dialog adds files to last opened background manager
30.03.03  Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Wrong name shown when unzipping (just the archive, not the file inside the archive)
30.03.03  Added: Synchronize dirs dialog can now be closed with ESCAPE as long as the user doesn't change the copy direction of any files!
30.03.03  Fixed: Lister: Don't resize when playing AVI/WAV while lister is maximized
30.03.03  Fixed: Copying text from big endian Unicode files not working correctly
30.03.03  Fixed: Support for environment variables in custom icon libary (iconlib= variable in wincmd.ini)
30.03.03  Added: Changed behaviour of multiple dots in Shift+F6 (rename): the last dot matches the last dot of the source file
25.03.03  Fixed: Access violation in drag&drop if target dir was refreshed during drag&drop, and file was dropped on no longer existing archive
25.03.03  Added: Lister plugin interface version 1.3: Allow to replace internal Multimedia viewers
25.03.03  Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Silently ignore error 'file not found' when deleting in sync and file is gone (e.g. HTML_files from Explorer)
25.03.03  Fixed: Switch tree display also to local drive if CD insert notification received
25.03.03  Added: FTP client: skip known troyan ports in ftp client to avoid problems with firewalls
23.03.03  Fixed: Compare by contents: External exception if file on the right has bad sectors, or when using search function in compare with bad sectors
23.03.03  Fixed: Diskdir plugins had problems with disk full error when unpacking
20.03.03  Fixed: Don't show percent value in Lister if plugin doesn't use it
20.03.03  Fixed: Changed behaviour of search function: when giving multiple names separated by spaces, treat them as separate names (e.g. Debug Release  finds Debug OR Release)
20.03.03  Fixed: In brief view, when clicking 'go to file' in search, the footer wasn't updated if it wasn't overlayed by the search dialog
20.03.03  Added: A way to use a HTTP proxy for HTTP downloads in background transfer manager: Use first HTTP proxy when user also has defined FTP proxy
20.03.03  Fixed: Couldn't unpack multiple files from Winzip 'split archives' if one of the files was going over several volumes
20.03.03  Fixed: Split-bar stayed visible when pressing an arrow key while moving the splitter between the two file windows
20.03.03  Fixed: Couldn't show icons with index of -1 in the file lists
20.03.03  Added: F7 New folder now also accepts multiple dirs separated by forward slashes
17.03.03  Fixed: Add support for HTTP proxy with [pre width=50%] tags.
17.03.03  Fixed: Turn off branch view if drive not accessible (e.g. when switching to c:)
17.03.03  Added: Set environment variable COMMANDER_PATH to location of Total Commander's EXE file (e.g. for loading plugins)
17.03.03  Fixed: Clear search results flag when using Ctrl+D or Alt+Cursor down after "feed to listbox"
17.03.03  Fixed: "List index out of bounds" in "Add Lister plugins" dialog with Shift+Cursor keys when nothing selected
17.03.03  Fixed: Also allow to auto-re-upload 0 byte files after editing with F4 on FTP (same for F4 in zip)
17.03.03  Fixed: After deleting an item from FTP list, place cursor on next item
17.03.03  Fixed: Packer plugins not working if the path to the plugin contained a comma
17.03.03  Fixed: File sync+FTP: When using negative time zone offsets, the date wasn't correctly calculated across months
17.03.03  Fixed: X-Mouse focus (tweakUI) not working correctly with Lister
17.03.03  Fixed: Search results: horizontal scrollbar not showing when window resized
17.03.03  Fixed: Ctrl+Q not working in quick view panel with lister plugins
17.03.03  Fixed: Files-Split: Accept size with decimal point (e.g. 1.1 MB) even if decimal separator is the comma (,) or vice versa
17.03.03  Fixed: Couldn't drop link on TC from Mozilla when it contained a double quote character " (replace with single quote)
17.03.03  Fixed: Pack to separate files, if target dir contains spaces and a dash, packing fails
You live and learn. Or you don't live long.  
LT Bredonosec #10.04.2004 21:27
Если интересно, на сайте - это наилучший источник информации по теме Widok. Этот веб-сайт продается есть сборка тотала от уважаемого Химика.
Содержимое: - это наилучший источник информации по теме Widok. Этот веб-сайт продается (лень переносить, да и таблички тут, наверно, не обрабатываются)
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