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RU slipstream #04.08.2004 19:13


Развитие ситуации немного напоминает "За миллиард лет до конца света" :))

Gmane Loom :
From: Robert Norris
Subject: jabberd2 development on hold
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 14:11:24 +1000
List-Id: Jabberd Development
People who follow the jabberd2 development have probably noticed that
its been nonexistant over the last couple of months. This email is here
to tell you what's going on :)
A few weeks before the release of 2.0s3, I pretty much lost interest in
computers in general. I'm don't think there was an actual trigger for
this - it had been coming for a while. I'm in a 9-5 programmer/sysadmin
job, and I was using most of my spare time working on j2. This was the
case for close to 2.5 years.
So rather than go insane, I just stopped. I didn't intend to be out for
long, but it started to drag, which is why 2.0s3 got rushed out.
Its now a couple of months later, and I have no real motivation to do
any computing stuff outside of work. I've picked up a couple of
non-computing hobbies, and am having a ball with them.
Further, my laptop was stolen a few weeks ago, and I've got my first
child arriving in November, so even if I did have the motiviation,
opportunities to work on code are pretty seriously limited.
So, I'm officially putting j2 on hold until Jan/Feb 2005. By that time,
the baby will have (hopefully) settled into some kind of routine, and I
should have a computer & DSL at home, so I'll be in a better position to
figure out what to do.
Its at this time that I'll make a decision as to whether I'm going to
continue with j2 development, or just abandon it completely. In all
honesty, I have no idea what I'll end up deciding - I'm deliberately not
thinking about it until my brain is rested.
I know that this probably messes a few people around, people who have
been waiting on features, fixes, and/or are building products based on
j2. Those are the breaks, I'm afraid.
I'm still online, and I'm happy to answer questions via Jabber if you
wish, though I can no longer test pieces of code or give detailed help
(ie anything requiring me to dig into the code) - I just don't have the
brain space for it.
If anyone wants to either take on development, or offer me a full time
job developing j2, then they should let me know also :)
Robert Norris                                      GPG: 1024D/FC18E6C2
Email+Jabber: rob~cataclysm.cx                Web: http://cataclysm.cx/



Мне это нравится ;) Чувствую тождика :D Хоть он и Rob ;)
И животноводство!  



Zeus>Мне это нравится ;) Чувствую тождика :D Хоть он и Rob ;)[»]

А моего английского не хватает, чтобы насладиться таким обширным текстом :)

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