Нашел еще фичу в СП2:

1. Качаем dll с интернета, сохраняем
2. Не работает нифига
3. Лезем в атрибуты... видим ниже
4. Жмем unblock и все работает.

Прикреплённые файлы:
unblock1.gif (скачать) [27,91 кбайт, 13 загрузок] [attach=26154]


Тоже нашел еще одну фичу.

Вчера, обнаружил, что мой explorer грохотит, если я захожу в папку с фильмами - выбираю фильм, позиционируя курсор - а он кирдык и готов. Начал рыть и вот, что нашел:

Explorer.exe and other applications may crash or be closed by Date Execution Prevention when opening a DIVX movie file or opening a folder using thumbnail view in explorer containing such a file

There are known issues between DIVX 5.2 and the memory protection improvements provided as part of SP2 (Data Execution Prevention). To prevent the issues you must modify DEP on your system to turn off Data Execution protection for the most trouble free expirence, to do this Go to Start -> Run and type in 'Notepad %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Boot.ini' without quotes. Under [operating systems] replace the parameter '/NoExecute= xxxxx' with '/Execute' (without quotes). Save the Boot.ini file and restart your computer. However you can 'Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select' and exclude the applications which will use the codec such as explorer.exe and wmplayer.exe using the in System Properties > Advanced Tab > Performance Settings > Data Execution Prevention Tab, however you may cause problems with other applications. Once a new version of DIVX compatible with SP2 is released you should upgrade and re-enable DEP for security purposes on your machine. Systems using software DEP appear to work for playback correctly in the default configuration to use DEP only for critial system processes and services.

You may find that you are unable to save changes to the boot.ini file because it is read only. If this is the case go to Start > run and enter ‘attrib -r -h c:\boot.ini' without quotes. This will allow you to make changes to the file. The –h parameter will also make the file unhidden so it can be viewed without having to enable ‘show hidden and system files' in explorer.


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